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Police Raids Round Up

In Lawrenceburg, TN, the police raid the wrong house. Then allegedly try to cover it up.

In MD, SWAT teams are deployed 4.5 times per day.

Couple mistakenly receives 33 pounds of marijuana via FedEx. Says the woman:

I don’t want them coming through my door with guns drawn, because I love my dog.

The internet meme is real life now.

6 Responses to “Police Raids Round Up”

  1. John Smith Says:


  2. John Smith Says:

    Would not the use of violence against non-violent offenders allow the offenders to be charged as violent due to violence being used in their apprehension. They are serious so you better pay that traffic ticket on time. I live in a place where we have a county population just under 80,000 and have 2 full time swat teams and one part time reserve swat team. Standard armament includes mp5’s,.40 sig’s and ar-15’s in the m4 layout. Kind of overkill. What is amusing is that they only have six deputies for the entire county so police response time out of town is generally 15-20 minutes. Nice huh.

  3. Robert Says:

    That “meme” has been real life for a long time. Puppycide at the hands of law enforcement happens daily.

  4. Blake Says:

    Interesting. Very interesting.

    I was passing through Lawrenceburg about a month ago and some people in a restaurant were talking about how the Sheriff’s department raided a house and confiscated a lot of power tools. The court ruled that the warrant was invalid for some reason or another. Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s department had already sold the items. (no surprise to me really)

    Of course, this is only something I heard in passing, but the fact of the matter (just based on the story you linked to) is that citizens of Lawrence County need to start digging into the practices of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and get some answers.

  5. ATLien Says:

    if you’re so damned “special” that you’re on a SWAT team, shouldn’t you be smart enough to figure out a street address?

  6. straightarrow Says:

    What is needed is a forensics accountant.

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