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Bison Armory

You’ll notice I have an ad on the left for Bison Armory, which I’m part owner of. My photoshop-fu is weak.

Barrel inventory should be replenished soon. We just talked to E.R. Shaw and expect to have 16″ recon, 18″ recon, and 18″ SPR barrels back in stock by the second week of February! 20″ SPR barrels in stock now!

And by we, we mean Ben.

One Response to “Bison Armory”

  1. ben Says:

    Actually, the recons are back now, but only in bare stainless. I have a pile of them out for bead blast / coating. Should be back in a couple weeks. I’m out of SPR barrels for another week or two. 20″ recons are here, but going fast.

    At the rate things are going, I’ll be out of recons again in a couple months.

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