On the SHOT Sting

On those arrests for what is considered normal course of business to anyone who has had dealing with countries out side the US, John Haughey notes:

That’s $46.875 million of your tax money to arrest 22 people, or more than $2.1 million each.

2 Responses to “On the SHOT Sting”

  1. Rignerd says:

    so was the pay off to the fake buyer greater than the Louisiana purchase or the Nebraska Compromise? How about more than William “Cold Cash” Jefferson got? I just hope it was more than the 6% commission my real estate agent got when we bought our house.

  2. Jay says:

    Look. Bribery is wrong. People in the countries where this is “normal” hate it also. But it’s entrenched in their system. It’s totally okay to ban behavior that is wrong. Heck, it’s illegal there too, but (because of bribery!) their police are unwilling to stop it!