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AT&T to lose iPhone Tomorrow

That’s the rumor. Too bad those of us who were waiting already got Droids.

4 Responses to “AT&T to lose iPhone Tomorrow”

  1. TomcatsHanger Says:

    The noticeably slower Verizon network might do a good enough job of throttling smart phone bandwidth in order to not produce outages.

    I have a Verizon Blackberry Tour work phone, and it’s just slower than my co-workers AT&T Blackberry’s for web browsing. I didn’t buy into the commercials at all until I tried it out.

  2. Dan Says:

    Good, maybe it will clear the clutter a little bit on the AT&T network.

    But I wish that me wife’s Bluetooth would work on my iPhone, though. iPhone Bluetooth sucks.

  3. Kujo21 Says:

    According to Verizon it looks like they will be activating their 4G network this year. That would certainly cure your slow browsing.

  4. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    Droids are still expensive, and AAPL will be eyeing up VZs 90mil subscriber base (of which not everyone has shelled out the fuckyou money for a Droid), and will be offering all kinds of specials I bet.

    The smartphone wars are far from over. It’s just heating up.

    And fuck you ATT for overselling your network you cheap bastids.