What government does


If you’d told someone in the ’50s that the toilet of the future would be weaker-flushing and just plain flimsier than the ones they already had, would they have believed you?

Via Tam.

3 Responses to “What government does”

  1. nk says:

    There was a time when the six-pint toilets were worthless, but the current ones are just fine. I installed two in my house this last summer and I’m very happy with them. Both under $150.00 each.

  2. Diomed says:

    This improvement must be fairly recent, because the one I bought five years ago (top of the line then) is junk.

    Won’t make that mistake ever again, no matter what it costs to get a pre-ban john.

  3. nk says:

    Sometimes what you pay for is the outward design and color. The mechanics are still the same. I got off the shelf American Standard in white and off-white because that’s what I had planned to begin with — one white and blue bathroom and one earth tones bathroom.