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Googling up a study

Another Violence Policy Center study goes poof: Would you trust the statistical and factual reporting acumen of an organization that canít even tell the difference between someone being dead or alive?

When this first came out, I think there were also problems in that someone was killed and it wasn’t with a gun. And that some killings were self defense.

One Response to “Googling up a study”

  1. Stranger Says:

    That jumbled series of non sequiturs been typical of anti-gun propaganda since Carl Bakal assembled a couple of drawers of random press clippings into “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms” in 1966.

    It was filled with such literary masterpieces as “Little Lorenzo took a handgun from a plumbers truck and gunned down two of his friends.” Took, as in stole from a locked truck.

    One of my Dad’s CPD friends remembered Little Lorenzo as a Chicago hood, embroiled in the Prohibition era gang wars. But any lie or misrepresentation will do for those who believe the ends justify the means.

    Curiously, I noted that Bakal’s obit claimed he was a native Gothamite. Circa 1968-69 when John Glenn was pushing gun control, Bakal was presented as a Russian Emigre who had lived in a gun and violence free society and who was shocked by the violence in NYC.


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