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More Fourth Generation Glock

Spent part of the weekend chitchatting with some more sooper seekrit sources who have handled the Fourth Generation Glock. You can see a picture of it here. And some of the changes discussed here.

I have confirmed once again that the picture is reportedly correct.

Also, someone who put a few thousand rounds out of one said the recoil on the new G22 (the .40 cal) is substantially reduced due to the new springs. He said that the new Glock has more of a push than a snap, common in .40 cals. Perceived recoil is, of course, a subjective thing so take it for what its’ worth.

Also, on the grip, I was told how the backstraps work. Seems that the middle sized backstrap is the standard G22 group. The smaller backstrap, I am told, seems to give the G22 the SF treatment. You’ll recall the 21 and 30 SFs that were released a couple of years ago. The grips were slimmed down a bit. And there’s a larger backstrap for folks with gigantic hands.

From what I gathered, the new Glock slides will not fit old Glock frames.

People question the pictures stating it could be a photoshop because it has Gen4 stamped on the slide. I asked if they had that stamped on them and the answer was that they do. Not certain if the stamps will appear in full production but the models circulating now are stamped as such.

Meanwhile, Steve has found a Gen4 price list.

3 Responses to “More Fourth Generation Glock”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Bummer about the new slide-to-frame fitting. There are so many aftermarket parts designed around the Glock, that’ll all have to be re-worked to work with more modern guns, and there might be difficulty with new shooters looking to accessorize who might not be aware of the difference.

  2. Mike M. Says:

    Pity Glock didn’t address the big issue – grip angle. Make that adjustable, and Glock would have a winner.

  3. Phelps Says:

    Funny thing to me is that there’s so much coverage of this when I’ve never felt the desire to replace my Gen1 Glock 17.