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Fourth Generation Glock Picture


From Gun Porn

Click to embiggen.

Via a reader seen at GlockTalk.

Update: Spent a few pixels talking about it (see here). We knew about the backstraps. The magazine release looks bigger. And it has a different textured frame and it looks like Steve was right about the texturing. Obviously, we cannot tell if it has the supposed double recoil spring or what any of the different internal parts are.

9 Responses to “Fourth Generation Glock Picture”

  1. Bubba D Says:

    When does the 19 version of the Gen 4s come out?

  2. aeronathan Says:

    Gonna have to handle one before I pass judgement. With just that picture I’m not sure the different backstraps would fix the funked up grip for me…

  3. Solomon Says:

    Say Uncle!

    Good Job! Great Scoop!

  4. Clint Says:

    The mag floor plate seems off horizontal. Is that common to glocks or did they “straighten out” the grip angle.

  5. Me Says:

    I Second aeronathan’s comment. Never owned one and have never like the ones I have fired due to the unnatural grip feel.

    Always wanted a 19 due to the ubiquity of them, the parts and mags. A Good TEOTWAWKI firearm for those reasons.

    As been said, if the grip backstraps give it a comfortable feel, maybe Ill become a Glock owner.

  6. andy Says:

    Clearly a photo chop

    Glock never puts the GEN number on the frame or slide, the mag release is not correct, not to mention other errors plainly noted by other readers…

  7. Pete Says:

    In addition to what’s already been noted, fourth generation Glocks have crescent moon shaped slide serrations.

  8. andrew Says:

    RTF(technically 3rd gen.) models have the cresent serrations. I have also heard the fourth gen will have a larger mag release.

  9. John Doe Says:

    I recently sat through an armorers course and held a true Gen 4 glock. I was forbidden to take photographs, due to the fact that pictures had NOT yet been released to the public. The above photograph is in FACT an adequate representation of the new G22. The magazine release is larger and completely reversable for left-handed shooters. Additionally, all recoil springs have been replaced with DOUBLE RECOIL variations. Fourth Gen models will make their debut in January 2010, with the 17 and 22 appearing first. The 19 and 23 (compact) models will follow suit in March. (I’ve also been told that the 20/20SF and 21/21SF will appear in an RTF format around summer 2010, for those who are interested.)

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