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What she said


In other news, 3,699 to 13,999 Muslims serving in the U. S. military didn’t go on a shooting spree yesterday.

It’s not the religion. It’s not the guns. It’s the crazy. And no one group has a lock on crazy.

26 Responses to “What she said”

  1. Justthisguy Says:

    I think the religion (that one, anyway) encourages the crazy. Of course I am a rather bad Christian who sometimes says, “Wait a minute!” about some exhortations I hear in church, or read in the Bible.

  2. Number9 Says:

    Okay, so is it a hate crime?

  3. Wolfwood Says:

    Islam still has something to do with it, though. This guy wasn’t a Presbyterian or Zen Buddhist.

  4. workinwifdakids Says:

    No one group has a monopoly on crazy.

    Unfortunately, one group does have a monopoly on the slaughter of innocent men, women and children…

    …and that’s Islam.

  5. Vote For David Says:

    Yes it is a hate crime. A faithful muslim hates everybody who will not submit or convert.

    Eyewitness reports say he was reciting the Prayer of Fear, which Mohammad himself taught to the islamic fighters who went out with him on raids to destroy the neighboring Jewish towns.

    The good Major was following the example of the founder of his religion. Everyone who called themselves muslim, but did not go out in jihad with Mohammad, ‘the prohpet’ himself called hypocrites, and gave them lower status than the infidel.

  6. JKB Says:

    It is never just one thing. By all accounts he was a devout muslim. As a Psychiatrist he would be exposed, if not a participating member, to the leftist, pretty much anti-American bent of the American psychological community. If he sparked a thought that saw the Army was a threat, perhaps as is so often the case, he felt his brilliance wasn’t being appreciated, those two associations could have become resonate with his mental defect.

  7. Bret Gould Says:

    The libs can make all the excuses they want, it is still the damn Muslims killing people no the southern baptists.
    The rest is just the facts not exuses.

  8. Mike Gallo Says:

    Actually, Vote for David, they would be considered apostates, and therefore worse than infidels because Allah graced them with being born Muslims, and then they ignored the religion’s tenets.

    Funny, Catholics don’t want to kill the ChrEasters*, they just don’t think they’re very good Catholics. Good Muslim = Evil Person, Bad Muslim = Possibly Good Person. While I applaud the Bad Muslims (the ones that don’t go on killing sprees), and encourage their lack of commitment to such an evil construct, I really wish they would grow up and just renounce the religion instead of trying to pretend that they follow it.

    *Someone who attends Church only on Christmas and Easter; it is a perjorative for those who do not hold themselves the standards and dogma of the religion.

  9. chris Says:

    Allah akbar!

  10. BobG Says:

    Don’t be surprised if someone tries to blame it on Bush…

  11. Rivrdog Says:

    Roberta X is naive, to the max. Of course the other thousands of Muslims didn’t go on a rampage, and what’s more, that’s NOT the point.

    The point is that the “religion of peace” has allowed itself to be hijacked by a tiny percentage of it’s adherents, the Jihadists.

    Until and unless this acquiescence in the atrocities of Jihad ceases, all Islam is guilty by association of the atrocities of the few.

    Guilt by Association, you scream, is not a crime. No it’s not, but it’s a major moral lapse, and if it doesn’t serve as a stark warning to actual peace-loving societies like ours, we’re the fools, as well as the Muslims who refuse to cleanse their ranks of Jihadis.

  12. ML Says:

    Yeah Right Roberta,

    1. I call it a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

    2. It’s an EVIL, man made, Satan inspired Religon.


  13. Chas Says:

    Army major, doctor, psychiatrist. One of the most trusted people in our society.
    I learned in the military that there are always at least two reasons why something happens. There are all the things that go into causing it to happen, and there is the absence of all the things that could have prevented it from happening.
    Jihadi’s happen. Soldiers should be armed in anticipation of that, not disarmed so as to encourage it. Disarming soldiers for bureaucratic convenience gets them killed. Same as in civilian life. Those soldiers were set up by their superiors to be massacred. Hasan happened along, but it could have been any number of other people. Inadequate security is murder waiting to happen. Our military needs to get on a war footing and quit fuckin’ around. The assholes in charge who allowed this to happen should face court martial for dereliction of duty.

  14. Dave R. Says:

    Bull. 1 in 14,000 going on a shooting rampage is a significant enough percentage. Especially compared to the 100% of Mormons, Catholics and everyone else who don’t go on shooting sprees, at least not while shouting “God is great” or making statements about the legitimacy of striking back against their Protestant oppressors. And after Salt Lake City and Vancouver and the El Al airport counter shooting and the DC sniper and others, no, its not a one-off event at all. A technically low percentage of Muslims who go off on what they themselves describe as jihad becomes very significant when the events are ongoing.

    Implicitly this post makes the same demand others are making explicitly, that without a membership card in his wallet, an unbroken chain of command to al-Qaeda or sealed orders signed by bin Laden that we treat this guy as a lone wacko with no larger significance whatsoever. But this fundamentally mis-reads the nature of militant Islamist idealogy and propaganda. Self-motivated martyrs are a desired feature of the system, not an unpredictable flaw.

    (Cross-posted at Roberta X’s.)

  15. K-Romulus Says:

    It’s always interesting to see how close we are to firing up the ovens/gas chambers here in the U.S.

  16. Vote For David Says:

    K-Romulus, that’s about the dumbest comment on this thread.

    Anyhow, for Roberta and all the others with the same argument on the other side, Boortz had an unhappy message for you. Those who bring an argument to a debate that “Not all (insert group name here) (insert action here)” are intellectually deficient (according to Boortz).

    ‘s a sign of poor argumentative skills, at best.

    Of course, you can feel free to ignore Neal because he’s an intolerant, prejudiced Bigot, just like yourself.

  17. JJR Says:

    If he weren’t Muslim, I have to wonder how much more likely it would have been that he would’ve applied for C.O. (Conscientious Objector) status…that would’ve been the honorable thing to do, if he was that morally opposed to deployment to the war zone(s). Or even if denied C.O., go AWOL and if caught opt for jail rather than service.

    Does anyone know for comparison’s sake how the Israeli Defense Forces handle their personnel policy with respect soldiers carrying/keeping personal (or service) weapons on base? Could be illuminating.

  18. mariner Says:

    I believe IDF personnel don’t need personal weapons. They carry their IDF-issue weapons everywhere they go.

  19. Kristopher Says:

    K-Romulus: Not interested in ovens.

    I am interested in deporting loons who use a fucked up religion as an excuse to murder, or to support murder.

    If Dar Al Islam is so great, then they should live there.

  20. tjbbpgobIII Says:

    I think it’s time all moslems were discharged from the military except for a few (as needed) unarmed interpeters. The Moslem so called religion is a gathering up of a bunch of sun and moon worshippers from the earliest centuries and has no bearing on any normal tenents of religion anywhere on earth. Hindus don’t go around just killing people for not being hindus do they. I know Southern Baptist don’t. Catholics stopped it about the time they finished with South America and Buddist are about the most peaceful on the earth. A faith is a belief in a supreme being who exist to give us all hope. Allah was an idol worshipped by those sun and moon worshippers mentioned earlier. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings about whether or not I give a fuck about any Moslems in the whole wide world dying for their ungodly religion.

  21. Roberta X Says:

    David: Tell Boortz I’ll compare IQ scores. You can look mine up on my blog.

    Geesh, many of you miss the point: This was yet another goofball with a gun taking out unarmed victims in a gun-free zone. His brand of goofy looks to be his religion; the next pitcher up was an engineer with job issues and the guy before him was…h’mm, was it the lonely divorced guy who shot up a women’s gym class, or was there somebody else?

    NO group is risk-free. Nor is the degree of risk for this kind of thing readily predictable.

    tjbbpgobIII and all your fellow-travelers: All religions have got crazy, nasty-sounding stuff in them. We are exposed to them before our critical faculties are fully formed and you get what you get; some people change their beliefs, most don’t and can’t. I don’t care what people believe — I will judge them (and I judge harshly) by their individual actions. I think it’s a damn pity nobody beat the Major into a bloody pulp as soon as he started, using whatever was handy. WTF did the other 3,999 Muslims in the military have to do with his actions?

    Trust no one. Be aware. Carry your gun — and consider cheating in gun-free zones; there may be situations where it is worth it.

    P.S.: You have noticed it was a woman who put a stop to Maj. Nidal’s little outburst. “Carry your gun: your Mom doesn’t work here.”

  22. Justthisguy Says:

    Roberta hast recht. “Carry your gun: your Mom doesn’t work here”.


    Humans ARE the most dangerous monkeys on the planet. They’re the only critters who’ll kill you for your bad taste in loud music. If I thought I could get away with it….

  23. Vote For David Says:

    Feel free to call him. He’s on the air for what, 5 hours/day in Atlanta? He likes to talk to/at people who disagree with him.

  24. RML Says:

    Christian terrorism against abortion providers is never mentioned in these discussions.

  25. Vote For David Says:

    duh, because christianity discourages murder, whereas islam encourages it?

    Way to resurrect the same type of flawed argument Boortz just called RobertX intellectually deficient for using, by the way.

  26. Mark Says:

    What the Major did is expressly called for in the primary written document guiding Muslims in their “religion.” Muslims are taught that the Koran is the unaltered word of God as handed down to Muhammed.
    If and until they have their Reformation, and renounce and discard the worst parts of the Koran, they cannot be trusted, and must be expelled to their home lands, and confined there so they cannot harm the rest of us.
    There is no living with a religion that calls for submission or death.

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