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Mass Shooting: The Next Day

By most accounts, it’s looking like a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome. Seems the shooter was upset about being deployed overseas, which makes you wonder about his career choice since that line of work stands a better than average shot at being deployed overseas. Witnesses report he shouted allahu akbar while shooting.

And there’s that whole matter of him being investigated for his online postings of threats and suicide. So, why wasn’t he investigated? If not that, why not at least inform his commanding officers of his tendency to talk about suicide bombing? The hints were there. Another in a line of fatal intelligence failures, I suppose.

Also, Pattycakes tells us that the narrative is shifting. I think after this incident, most folks won’t approve of that kind of PC scrubbing. The press is loathe to speculate about the shooter’s religion and that being a factor. But within minutes they were speculating about stressed out soldiers going crazy. No one should be saying that Muslims are inherently violent. That’s wrong and bigoted. But tiptoeing around the issue that violent acts that have been committed by someone whose religion influenced them is not. It’s called reporting. And the press needs to stop acting like it doesn’t exist.

Of course, the press couldn’t get the guns right. In less than 44 minutes, the guns went from sniper rifles, to uzis, to M16s, and lastly we learn it was handguns. I’m surprised the press didn’t throw in a gratuitous AK-47 reference for consistency.

6 Responses to “Mass Shooting: The Next Day”

  1. BenC Says:

    The story I read (and who knows how accurate it may be)is that the FBI was investigating the post but had not identified the poster.They did not identify the poster until after the incident.

  2. Mike Gallo Says:

    Good Muslims are inherently violent, as Islam is inherently violent. Saying all people who call themselves Muslims are inherently violent is bigoted, as there are many apostates in the world (thank God for that). Saying Islam generally, and those who practice the religion to the letter specifically, are inherently violent just means you are well-informed.

    The real trouble lies in telling the difference…

  3. Guav Says:

    Any religion, when practiced literally, TO THE LETTER, is generally insane. The crazy fundamentalists, though on more solid ground theologically, are lunatics by modern standards of civility.

  4. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Fox news says a 5.7 was used. Second gun was not fired.,2933,572571,00.html

  5. mariner Says:

    He had been couseled for trying to convert patients and other medical personnel to Islam.

    You can bet if a Christian had done this it wouldn’t have been kept so quiet.

  6. nutz Says:

    A couple of paragraph into the QURAN is ther exhortation to punish the infidel harshly/ kill depending on the translator. Right up front folks

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