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The right to keep and bear dildos

In Alabama, there’s a gun shop next to a sex shop. I find it amusing that one has to state a reason to buy a dildo.

6 Responses to “The right to keep and bear dildos”

  1. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “A gun shop and a sex shop next door to each other? Cool! When we nationalize the gun shops we can nationalize the sex shops too! Background checks for everybody for everything! Ha! Ha! All your dildo are belong to us!”

  2. bwm Says:

    “Guns for hunting is okay and that’s my opinion, and the sex stuff, they ought to do away with it completely, because a lot of children gets a hold of it,” says Karen Wyatt.

    As long as it’s For the Children

  3. poobie Says:

    Bossman says it’s a pretty cool gun shop, BTW. one stop shopping for all your mall ninja needs. Don’t know anyone that’s shopped “love stuff” though; fantasy land seems to be more popular around here.

  4. Captain Holly Says:

    Have any of the owners of three-dimensional devices primarily intended for the stimulation of human genitals stood up and said “From my cold, dead, hands!” yet?

  5. B Smith Says:

    …Or, “from my warm, sticky hands”??

  6. M4finny Says:

    Rick Jackson and the Editorial staff at that station are the real dildos.

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