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Democrats and Guns

In a previous post, I noted Ron Ramsey’s claim to be the only gubernatorial candidate with a handgun carry permit. I looked the other Republicans up in the database and figured he was correct. But Ron is apparently the only Republican gubernatorial candidate with a handgun carry permit. Because Democrat candidate Kim McMillan has one as well. More Democrats like this please.

12 Responses to “Democrats and Guns”

  1. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    I don’t know anything about Tennessee political races, but using CCW permits as a political litmus test is fraught with peril. Lots of very prominent antis have them and in some states they’re the only ones who can get them.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I didn’t mean to imply it was a litmus test.

  3. Pete Says:


    It might be interesting to compile a list of antigun people who have concealed carry permits.

  4. Interested Citizen Says:

    I’d be interested to know if any of the candidates w/ permits actually CARRY the gun with them or if they just use their permits for political showmanship.

  5. Tomcatshanger Says:

    You mean like Fienstien is supposed to have?

  6. Pete Says:


    Exactly. How many of these anti gun idiots have carry permits? Probably a lot more than we think. That could definately be used against them to show their hypocracy and discredit them. Kinda like how Josh Sugarman has/had an FFL.

  7. _Jon Says:

    You guys are assuming that liberals have facets like “shame” and “conscience”.

    I’d like to remind you that they are different from you because they are _different_ from you. They aren’t motivated by the same goals and aren’t guided by the same principles.

    While you would look at those hypocritical acts in a negative light, they would shrug, infer “I’m better than you and _deserve_ this”, then go about their day without giving it a second thought.

    Such a list may be helpful for many conservative and some middle voters, it won’t sway people because it will be preaching to the choir on one side and background noise to the other. To the middle, it may factor in their minds, but it would be to such an insignificant amount that it won’t be worth your effort to research and produce.

    And lest you think I’m off the mark here, consider the politicians we have and how they got there – because we’ve known lefties have minimal morals for decades, yet they get elected. And we are slowly learning that righties (not conservatives) have sold out decades ago, but we didn’t notice until a few years ago.

    So, yeah, it is interesting, but as likely to have an effect on the election as whether the candidate has a dog or a cat for a pet.

  8. liberal gun lover Says:

    Not all democrat are anti gun Idiots. I have a class a license to Carry and I am a democrat.

  9. liberal gun lover Says:

    I must also add that I do write (not that it dose any good here in MA) to my federal and state elected officials telling them that our gun control laws getting out of hand. I have been trying to get them and other democratic friends to under stand that guns don’t kill people, People kill people.

  10. Tomcatshanger Says:

    Liberal Gun Lover:

    So what makes you Liberal? Are you pro-freedom, or are you only pro-some freedoms?

    You live in a state with an Assault Weapon Ban, restrictions on how many guns you can SELL, report any that you do sale, a government approved list of handguns, licensing to own, hell, yall even have levels of carry permits, and you say they are GETTING OUT OF HAND????

    But hey, you got the best conceal carry license your state is willing to issue, so one should automatically assume that you are on the pro-freedom side, just ignore the liberal bit?

  11. liberal gun lover Says:

    Maybe what I should have said is the gun laws in MA are completely out of hand and violate my constitutional rights. I do believe in reasonable gun laws, no right is absolute but I do not support the laws we have here in MA.

  12. mikeb302000 Says:

    I like what Liberal gun lover says.

    It’s a mistake for pro-gun folks to call everybody who favors gun control anti-gun. They’re not necessarily the same.