Tiny Suppressors

Surefire is introducing some tiny sound suppressors that only add about three inches to the length of an AR-15. Pretty cool.

Via Steve.

5 Responses to “Tiny Suppressors”

  1. Crucis says:

    Want! Wish they were legal in Missouri.

  2. You know anywhere they sell Texas Titty Twistin’ Caps?

  3. Diomed says:

    Uh, silencers *are* legal in Missouri.

  4. I want specs dangit!
    I’d love to know what they do on 20″ AR’s.

    Damn that’s cool

  5. WestBellevueDad says:


    Ty Melligan did something like this back in 2000. He called it the Smidget. 5.56 can in a 22LR package. Sexy but it was hell on the barrel. They call that first baffle the ‘blast baffle’ for a reason. And, they put that first baffle — the blast baffle — sufficiently away from the muzzle crown to prevent premature barrel erosion.

    Ty’s Smidget was a splash when it first hit the market but soon failed when people realized what was happening to their barrels.