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Great moments in photoshop journalism

What’s wrong with this picture:

From Political

See David Hardy.

Update: In comments, Tam says maybe not.

19 Responses to “Great moments in photoshop journalism”

  1. USCitizen Says:

    Uh. Everything?

  2. Bobby Says:

    They are also standing directly behind the cannon…

  3. Tam Says:

    Think Hardy’s wrong on this ‘un.

    That top cylinder is the hydraulic recoil assembly. The lower tube is the actual barrel. That’s a British Q.F. horse artillery piece as made famous by L battery of the R.H.A. at Néry.

    It’s not an AK-47.

  4. Tam Says:

    They are also standing directly behind the cannon…

    That’s where they’re supposed to stand it has a gun shield, see?

    It’s an hydraulically-buffered quick-firing breechloader, not the cannon from your local Civil War memorial.

  5. Tam Says:

    Here we go:

  6. Billy Beck Says:

    “Think Hardy’s wrong on this ‘un.”

    Definitely, and obviously. Jeezis. Even I knew that.

  7. Paul Says:

    Tam called it.

  8. Ride Fast Says:

    […] I’m pretty sure it’s an AK-47 […]

    And a big one, too.

  9. countertop Says:

    Not to be sexist or anything but . . . . Does anyone else think its completely sexy that Tam knows more about all things firepower than 99.9999% of guys out there.

    I certainly do!

  10. Rabbit Says:

    I think they have the same or similar model at the new artillery museum at Ft. Sill. Howitzer innovation was at its finest in the 19th century, and many countries began building recoil-compensating field pieces.

    The museum is worth seeing if you’re ever stuck in Lawton, OK for an hour or two. It sure beats the indian casinos, and best of all, it’s free.


  11. Dante Says:

    “Not to be sexist or anything but . . .”

    It’s not sexist to speak this truth anymore than it’s wrong to be drawn to a rose despite (or more probably, because of) its thorns.

  12. Diomed Says:

    I’d be surprised if the RHA was wearing Napoleonic dress at Nery…

  13. Bobby Says:

    Tam, have you ever stood inches from such a cannon?

    The hydraulics dont exactly make the recoil go magically away…

    My car is hydraulically-buffered to stay at its ride height, wanna lay under it whilst I drop a piano on it?

  14. Bobby Says:

    I also suppose the camera angle could make the guys look too close to the gun….

  15. Tam Says:

    If you didn’t huddle up behind the gun shield, Jerry shell fragments might get you before you could win immortality with a VC.

  16. Ritchie Says:

    I’m going with the idea that the shield does not recoil with the barrel. Still, beware moving parts.

  17. Dante Says:

    Video of the piece (I think. I’m not rated for close quarters Field Artillery recognition like Tam is) in action:

  18. Jay.Mac Says:

    Presumably there’s only a small powder charge in there to make a bang for the salute- they aren’t actually firing shells at anything Bobby. Thus there won’t be quite so much recoil as when the weapon was used in combat.

  19. Michael Says:

    Funny, I figured that the plug in the barrel would have come out with the shell…

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