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A marine general opposes adjustable stocks for M16s. Strange. Some guys are shorter and some taller. Some wear armor and some do not.

6 Responses to “Odd”

  1. DirtCrashr Says:

    For some it’s about marching in formation and drill.

  2. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Reduced lethality in H2H combat from a standard buttstock to a collapsible buttstock.

  3. Weambulance Says:

    Yeah, I’d rather have my rifle fit me while wearing full battle rattle, seeing how I’m 100x more likely to shoot someone than have to smash them with a buttstock. Especially when you consider the utility of a three point sling in urban combat. What are you going to do, ask him to wait while you unsling your rifle to hit him with it? Try a muzzle punch instead, or carry a tomahawk or kukri or ASP or whatever. First handgun you see, keep it for backup in case you break your rifle.

    I only saw one guy break an M4 stock, and all he did was knock a piece of plastic off; the weapon still functioned fine.

    When I was overseas, on hard target raids I would add an extra knife belt-wise across the small of my back to supplement the regular fixed blade I had on my armor (left chest behind mags). If I was really feeling the need for hand to hand weaponry, I would wear my sap gloves. The only reason I would worry about fighting up close and personal is if an enemy grabbed my rifle when I was first in a room. I never had to use anything but my rifle when I was on the ground.

  4. Stan Says:

    I think “By golly we didn’t need no fancy pants collapsible stock doodad when I was a Marine, and we don’t need one now” may be part of his reasoning.

  5. deadcenter Says:

    there’s a “rule” out there that goes something like, “generals tend to fight the current war with the tools from the last”. maybe the commandant is taking that a little too seriously?

  6. Matt Groom Says:

    And that’s why I got out. Morons are running the USMC.

    Here we have a perfect example of a Marine General who couldn’t possibly be more distant from reality and common sense than he is. I was opposed to the adoption of the M-4 because of the decrease in both reliability and lethality, but I thought the M-16A4 was supposed to have the collapsible stock design. Wrong.

    We had guys in my unit who were between 5’0″ and 6’6″. At 6’2″, the M-16A2 fit me like a glove (the A4 got issued four months before I got out), but as a Range Coach, I couldn’t get some people to hold the rifle in the pocket of their shoulder without turning their bodies 45 degrees in the prone position, a no-no on the range. The damn stock is too long for some people, and the USMC is too damned stodgy to allow people to shoot in the way that they feel comfortable, so they go “UNK”.

    Why not re-adopt the A1 length stock and use spacers for individual Marines if idiots like this Commandant don’t like the M4 Stocks? The damn thing needs to fit different people of different statures in different situations.