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How not to win

Top 11 Videos Of Girls Shooting Guns That They Shouldn’t Be. Each is a testament to how not to get someone into shooting. And stupidity on the part of the instructors.

6 Responses to “How not to win”

  1. The Duck Says:

    Well as an Instructor, I hate it when they have air weight J frames, let alone anything like they have in the videos
    When ladies take our basic class, we switch them over to a 22 if they have something that is to big. After they have learned to shoot we will let them try their “OMG” to see the difference

  2. julie Says:

    This sort of stupidity makes me mad !!! It really achieves nothing other than a “good” youtube video.

  3. Billy Beck Says:

    Fucking hillbilly morons. Standing around laughing at their women like that. I’d like to see a bunch of them get their teeth gouged out with one good swing of a front sight.

  4. Gunner Says:

    I was talking with my wife last night about this stupidity a few days ago.

  5. Joe J Says:

    A possible alternative title: how to make damn sure that the woman in your life hates guns and doesn’t support your hobby.

  6. Matt Groom Says:

    I hate the assholes who do this kind of thing.

    Every woman I’ve ever spoken to who says they don’t like guns says something like “I had a bad experience with them when I was blah, blah, blah”. Same story every time.