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PayPal: Fear of guns overrides helping soldiers.

Water is wet. The sky is blue. And PayPal is anti-gun. Kevin is raffling off a pistol to benefit Soldiers Angels, an organization that helps soldiers in their time of need at home and while abroad. But because it’s a raffle for a firearm, PayPal is being problematic. My experience with PayPal can be seen here.

3 Responses to “PayPal: Fear of guns overrides helping soldiers.”

  1. Robert Says:

    paypal sucks!

  2. Bill Waites Says:

    Guys! PayPal is owned by EBAY!

    Why would you imagine that a gun raffle wouldn’t cause problems with the liberal wacko mindset of EBAY?

  3. Borepatch Says:

    Paypal is owned by eBay. Their Press Relations department is at 408-376-7458. Leave them a polite message that they have a press nightmare brewing, and they’ll want to look into this before it’s on Instapundit.

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