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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Creekside Firing Range is a range in the Atlanta area. Some people built houses near the range and are surprised that ranges are noisy (note: if sound suppressors weren’t so heavily regulated, this wouldn’t be a problem). So, they try to shut it down. They lose. They do the logical thing and vandalize and destroy property.

5 Responses to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. ATLien Says:

    It’s all these asshole yankees and californians that keep moving here. should start another “trail of tears’, and make them go back where they came from.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    As has been widely noted, some of them are anti-gun activists because they’re violent.

    They generalize their uncivilized proclivities on the populace at large – since they are unfit to be armed without causing havoc, so must everyone be.

  3. straightarrow Says:

    Sigivald has it nailed.

  4. Oakenheart Says:

    I’d be out there setting up a DVR and some cameras, clean up the mess, and wait for the dummy to return with his spray paint. Hidden cams footage should make a great case and be grounds to sue the life out of them too.

  5. Mike Hopkins Says:

    To all the folks out there who believe that all the homeowners in the area are vandals and anti-gun, I have a few things to say:
    1.I’m a Vietnam veteran and have been living on my property about 300-500 yards from Creekside since 1979. I believe JFH was about 10 years old at the time.
    2. While there are some homes that were built after the range began operation, most were here beforehand.
    3. I don’t believe Creekside should be closed down and never did but I do believe that a bit more common courtesey for adjoing neighbors is needed. For people who live here, this is a noise issue. If Creekside would agree to more reasonable hours and possibly some restrictions on tactical operations, then I believe this would all go away (at least it would for me).
    4. I don’t condone any vandalism and it might just be that some kids took this opportunity to have a bit of fun with their spray paint cans. I don’t know anyone who opposes Creekside that would lower themselves to this level.
    5. Finally, this is not a 2nd ammendments issue for most of us here in this neighborhood. I probably have more guns that a bunch of you put together. This is nothing more that having some common sense about the noise and how it affects the people that live here all the time. It’s not a motorcycle going by or a helicopter that shakes the windows now and then. It’s constant noise, all day long, sometimes. This is the operative word here, sometimes. Get a handle on the length of the matches, the hours of operation and my believe is that this range will still be operating and you can all still have fun at Creekside.

    Mike Hopkins
    Taylorsville, GA