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Update on restaurant carry

WizardPC emails:

So Conference came out with a report and that’s what they were voting on. The Conference Report is basically the Senate version, so no silly restrictions other than the primary source of income must be food.

Naifeh was the first one recognized, and said that with the adoption of the Conference Report you would be able to carry guns in more places than you could smoke.

Hardaway recognized next, says that law enforcement is opposition so he’s not supporting it. Todd responds that the specific LEOs Hardaway mentioned have, in fact, not made any opinion know publicly or privately.

Kelsey speaks in favor of the report, says that it provides clarity to HCPers and LEOs.

Mike Turner claims that this report makes the bill “entirely different” and that Rep Todd is being “mischeivious.”

Todd responds that he was never in favor of the restrictions. “This bill is no secret to anyone…There is no definition of a bar in the code….I challenge you to give me an example of a carry permit holder in another state causing problems…”

Rep Cobb states that he is not in favor of the bill, but has gotten so many calls from constiuents that he is “voting the will of the people over my personal will.” As it should be.


I’m pretty sure that means it passed and goes to the Governor’s desk.

10 Responses to “Update on restaurant carry”

  1. Drew Rankin Says:

    Thanks for the update!

    However, the vote was 66 to 23, not 66 to 43.

  2. SayUncle Says:


  3. Robb Allen Says:

    How long before Jeff Woods plasters his boxers over this?


  4. Robb Allen Says:

    I do like the fact that someone demanded that they show where other states are having problems with guns in places that serve alcohol. I’d like to know a little more detail about that exchange.

  5. SayUncle Says:

    as i’ve said before, all of our neighbor states except NC allow carry where alcohol is served. None of them have a problem.

  6. wizardpc Says:

    Robb: he already has

  7. Rustmeister Says:

    Mad props to Cobb for understanding his job.

  8. Blake Says:

    Who’s Jeff Woods?

  9. Tennessee Budd Says:

    “…you would be able to carry guns in more places than you could smoke.”
    So now we can get rid of the nanny-state smoking restrictions?

  10. Texas Jack Says:

    Texas has two statute means to stop legal carry: the general method is the “30.06 sign” (section 30 part 06 of the CHL laws) which is a very specific sign (size and words) that says no guns inside. My bank has one, (credit union doesn’t) as does the courthouse. The second would apply to this situation. Any restaurant/bar combo, if over half of it’s business is alcohol, must display a “50” sign. That’s all the sign says (there are size and location requirements). We who carry must, if alcohol is served, look for the 50 sign. If there isn’t one, we are legal. Thus, a bar that serves food is no guns, and a restaurant that serves booze is OK for carry.
    Simple idea, simple sign, but it seems to work.