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Glock Shooting Sports Foundation Knoxville Shoot

I went and shot in my first competition this past weekend. I say first because even though I went to the last event, I didn’t complete all courses of fire. I shot a Glock Shooting Sports Foundation match. It was a good time.

It has been said the the GSSF is the gateway drug to serious competitive shooting. And the reason is the math is easy. I’ve opined before that I do not shoot competitively because the math is hard. You need particular calibers, guns, etc. to compete in IPSC or IDPA. At the Glock matches, take a Glock, some magazines, and 100 rounds of ammunition. I’d recommend four magazines.

The other good thing about the match as an entry into competitive shooting is that there’s no drawing, holstering, running, or moving. Those tasks can be intimidating to someone new to competitive shooting. At the Glock events, all courses are shot from the at the ready position. No running or moving. You just wait for the timer and shoot targets. A few pics. One of the Glock folks told me that they felt their event was more user-friendly as evidenced by them having more women and young folks shooting.

How’d I do? I don’t know. I felt I did OK for someone who had never really done that before. Not sure how I fared against others, though. There were a few guys there who were pretty darn good.

Here was a very nice lady I spoke with shooting the steel plates:

From Gun Porn

Here’s another young lady shooting the 5 to Glock course of fire:

From Gun Porn

7 Responses to “Glock Shooting Sports Foundation Knoxville Shoot”

  1. ATL Says:

    “You need particular calibers, guns, etc. to compete in IPSC or IDPA. At the Glock matches, take a Glock, some magazines, and 100 rounds of ammunition. I’d recommend four magazines.”

    Actually in IDPA, if you have a Glock 19/17/22/23 etc., A holster, a couple of magazine carriers, a big shirt or tactical vest for concealment. You are set to rock and roll! IDPA isn’t all that complicated. Just remember this: Stock Service Pistol. Just shoot that and the rest will be cream cheese!

  2. ATL Says:

    Yeah, and another big equipment update. You will need three magazines. LOL!

  3. HardCorps Says:

    YEa for IDPA show up with how you normally carry concealed and some extra ammo. It’s meant to be practical so you can be comfortable with your setup and learn what works best.

  4. Kellene Says:

    Great to see women out there!

  5. Joe Huffman Says:

    I attended one IPDA match. Even as a seasoned USPSA shooter I was overwhelmed with the number of rules I had to parse and comply with while shooting. No dropping of magazines with ammo in them, you must be moving when in the open, order of engagement, etc., etc. USPSA has a lot of equipment rules but you can just show up with whatever you have, let them tell you which division you are in, then, for the most part, shoot the targets as you see them.

    I haven’t attended a GSSF match but it sounds simpler than IPDA.

  6. mariner Says:

    It’s fun.

    The End

  7. Robert Says:

    Big congrats! This is a very good deal that you finally shot in competition! I think we are on the cusp of seeing Uncle become even MORE uncle as he peels away the verneer that covers his inner competitor!

    Just remember: anything worth doing is worth doing badly…at least at first.

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