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Globe Trotting

Looks like the Boston Globe is about to go Tango Uniform. Doesn’t break my heart much. One less anti-gun editorial board.

I guess they won’t be paying their reporters to break the law now?

Via Bruce, who notes:

Lifetime job guarantees for people who work the printing presses for a newspaper??? Who’s the business genius up in management who signed off on that?

Well, who thought up lifetime job guarantees to begin with?

3 Responses to “Globe Trotting”

  1. Huck Says:

    No loss at all.

  2. Matt Groom Says:

    I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t get a “Lifetime Job Guarantee” unless you save the life of the company’s owner or one of his or her children.

  3. Billll Says:

    They have lifetime job guarantees at the Chicago Tribune too. Funny, though, no one’s ever collected on one.

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