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Poison pill?

Campfield floats a rumor about a gun bill:

Word on the hill is Democrat leadership is planning on bringing an amendment to Frank Nicleys gun bill allowing carry permit holders to be able to carry in parks. The amendment would be brought on the full house floor and say if you have a permit you can carry everywhere that is not posted otherwise.

The rep has his doubts given the Democrat’s stalling of gun bills in recent years. But is that really an issue now that Naifeh doesn’t have the gavel?

One Response to “Poison pill?”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Naifeh told The Tennessean (which, btw, has a PSH editorial about “guns in bars” today equating carry permit holders with mass murderers…but I digress) a while back that he was going to do this. I talk to legislators on a pretty regular basis and none were aware of his statement. I guess its coming now as an ammendment rather than a bill.

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