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Is that gun legal in California?

An online guide.

Via RF.

5 Responses to “Is that gun legal in California?”

  1. Mikee Says:

    Does there exist a similar link to allow folks to determine if a firearm in California is used legally or illegally? It would have a list of actions, like “carjacking, murder, armed robbery, rape” that would be illegal actions to perform with a gun in one’s possession. There might also be a list like, “defend my own life,’ that would be legal. Then the person considering these actions would know to go ahead or not to do them, especially with a gun.

    Because if I lived there, I’d be much more concerned with whether a person was pointing a gun, any gun, at me and demanding my wallet, than if the gun had certain cosmetic features.

    But then again, the person pointing the gun likely would not care at that point about the possible illegality of his weapon, now would he?

    So why was this list made law in California?

  2. BarnacleofDoom Says:

    So… since I can cram 14 rounds into my slide action .22, it is an unregistered “assault rifle”? Cool… I needed another “assault rifle” anyway, and this way I can save money!

  3. Mikee Says:

    I have that same problem with my Marlin Model 65, which can hold 17 rounds of 22Short in its tubular magazine. And it is also semiautomatic, making it a bullet spraying, hip-shooting, firehose of death! At least in California….

    Here in Texas it just attacks paper and the occaisional tin can.

  4. DirtCrashr Says:

    The “List” has been frozen in time and cannot be added-to or ammended, so now it’s a rub-your-tummy feels-good fluffy-bunny law.

    Sheesh, you rimfire guys – you have nothing to worry about in California, except finding non-lead eco-friendly rimfire ammo and living outside potential Condor habitat.

  5. ka Says:

    Nothing better than buying a gun with “Not Legal In California” sticker on the box… oh well yes there is… buying two!

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