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You know, ABC is cranking up its ZOMG BE SCARED OF GUNS meme. So, where is token Libertarian John Stossel? He’s done pro-gun pieces before. Perhaps the only pro-gun pieces on ABC. Just curious where he’s been.

4 Responses to “Token”

  1. Kujo Says:

    I saw him on Fox News the other day. Don’t know if he made the jump. ABC still has him listed on their website.

  2. Chas Says:

    With CNN’s, Rick “Dirty” Sanchez beating up unfairly on Alan Gottlieb, CNN has gone berserk too. The anti-gunners are very frustrated with having been left behind in the wake of Obama’s victory. They had thought that they had won, with full Democratic Party control of Congress and the White House, but now find themselves thoroughly stymied. Their agenda won’t budge. Good.

  3. BWM Says:

    Haliburton reducation center?

  4. kbiel Says:

    It has been my observation that Stossel’s co-hosts tend to take a vacation whenever 20/20 airs a “special” that they disagree with. For example, every one of Stossel’s Myths, Lies and Stupidities “specials” starts off with him saying something like, “Diane has the night off.” Perhaps John is just returning the favor.

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