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Sighting in

Over at the Unforgiving Minute, tips on how to sight that rifle in.

2 Responses to “Sighting in”

  1. Alchemyst Says:

    Much ado about — well making it a lot more complicated than it should be. Set up large target at 25 yards. Use small dot as aiming point. Carefully, from a rest, fire one shot. Replace gun on rest and align it so that the sight or crosshair is on the aiming point as you just did. Get someone to hold the piece in place or make it rigid with sand bags – use your imagination to keep it stationary. Carefully adjust sight so that it is pointed at bullet hole. TA-DAH you’re sighted in!

  2. TD Says:

    Thanks for the link, Uncle.

    Alchemyst, if you’d read the whole thing you’d see I described the same one-shot method you do. It certainly works but as I said in the post, it requires some method of fixturing the gun solidly in place and really works best with a scope. I certainly have a hard time seeing, say, a .22 bullet hole on a black bull from 25 yards away with iron sights. It also doesn’t work real well if you need to drift sights in their dovetails; much better to do the math and measure the sight movement in that case.

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