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Knob Creek

After the event, there’s always two kinds of posts you see on the internets. The first kind you’ll see are the ones where people go take cool pictures of stuff like here, here, here, and here.

And then there’s the kind where some lefty one goes and takes photos of the less than 1% who have some kind of Nazi stuff. And then someone reads it and is all butthurt because someone compares Obama to a Nazi. As though that’s something new to behold and only comes from the right.

5 Responses to “Knob Creek”

  1. Bitter Says:

    Heh. Lefty? That’s a Reason editor. Where would we be without our favorite hipster Obama-supporting libertarians in DC?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    They can’t be lefties?

  3. Dave Weigel Says:

    The firepower was awesome, and it made it into the lede of my story. But I was interested in what a subsection of people who voted almost unanimously against Obama and the Democrats were thinking now.

  4. Bitter Says:

    Oh, several are lefties. I just thought it was funny that it’s coming from a Reason editor. I quit reading all Reason publications last year after the absurd Obama support and the dismal coverage of Heller (outside of Brian Doherty). This is what I would expect.

    You didn’t have to cross out lefty. It can be argued that it still applies. 🙂

  5. Linoge Says:

    Oh noes! There was evil Nazi-type people at a gun shoot and gun shows! Whatever shall we do!? All gun owners obviously wanted those ebil Nazi people there, and since they did not shoot them dead, they obviously support them!


    *sigh* “Lefty” might not be the right word, but I could come up with a few others that might fill that hole.