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H&K 416

HK 416 production has been halted due to problems with them. They mean other than the pin being in the wrong place and being generally incompatible with accessories.

One Response to “H&K 416”

  1. KingsideRook Says:

    According to the President of HK-USA, to Todd-G of, it has not been discontinued, for cause or otherwise.

    Relevant links:

    I am a vocal detractor of decision to have the misplaced pinholes on the upcoming MR556 (the HK-416 takedown pins are in the correct spots), as well as preferring other companies’ customer service and attitude towards the civilian customer, to the point where HK firearms are right off my to-buy list. Other companies make comparable items I prefer, leave it at that.

    However, I have to put the facts out there, that the news article is uncorroborated rumor, officially denied by HK.