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TN Politicos and Guns

Representative Judd Matheny organized an event that was sponsored by Barrett Firearms and Hero Gear to conduct firearms awareness training with many of our elected officials from Nashville. Pics and report here, including one of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey having some fun with an AR-15.

Update: Zing: Haslam, Iím Guessing, Doesnít Have Pics Like These

5 Responses to “TN Politicos and Guns”

  1. Milan Bulldog Says:

    Hey, I went to the Mayors Against Illegal Guns web site and Knoxville and Haslam are not there.

    What happened?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Good question.

  3. Linoge Says:

    Wow. That is all manner of awesome… not only that Hero Gear and Barrett both sponsored this event, but also that so many politicians actually attended.

    If only Murfreesboro was not so far away…

  4. M. Wright Says:

    Too bad this event bumped an activated National Guard unit that was supposed to be training that day and is headed for Iraq in the next two weeks. I guess it was more important for the Lt. Governor to get a photo op than it is for our troops to prepare for overseas duty.

  5. Linoge Says:

    I am not trying to call you a liar, Mr. Wright, but do you have any further substantiation of that? Given that this took place at a military range, I can easily see it happening, but specifics would be good.