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So you know

I’ve been reading yours and the various other April Fool’s jokes. And they’re not funny. You know what’s funny? No, not Dane Cook. He’s about as funny as a cricket infected with Parasitic Gordian worm (oh and don’t watch that unless you want to be really creeped out). Where was I? Oh, yeah. You know what’s funny? Monkey knife fights. Those are funny.

5 Responses to “So you know”

  1. Bruce Says:

    The life cycle of a Gordian worm reminds me of the election cycle of a typical politician. Feed off the host, or voter block, until your goal is met, then throw them under the bus.

  2. Steve Says:

    Not funny.

  3. JJR Says:

    Ah, so these would be those Crazed Spider Monkeys we were talking about here ages ago… 😉

  4. Caleb Says:

    I thought Eric Thompson’s April Fools joke was well played.

  5. Jay G. Says:

    Wow, it’s like Unc was talking directly to me…

    (Mental note for next year…)