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Called out by your betters

The Jackson Sun on The Commercial Appeal publishing a database of handgun carry permit holders:

This bill is a direct response to the blatantly irresponsible use of handgun permit information by the Memphis Commercial Appeal. That newspaper put a searchable database online which initially contained the name of every handgun permit holder in Tennessee, including their addresses and their year of birth. That was a wrongful use of this information. It unnecessarily exposed thousands of Tennesseans to the danger of identity theft. But this bill is equally irresponsible.

One Response to “Called out by your betters”

  1. Boyd Says:

    Well, The Sun ain’t exactly for keeping the information private, either. They seem to think that there’s no recourse for the CA’s irresponsibility, and that private citizens should just suck it up.

    It’s for the children, y’know. Or sumthin.

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