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Buying guns over the internet, without an FFL, is illegal

But the police and media seem to be saying otherwise:

Police say they’ve seized 80 firearms in a raid on a Staten Island house and they’ve made one arrest. Officers executed a search warrant around noon Tuesday and discovered the weapons — mostly handguns, rifles and stun guns.


Investigators say it appears Granato had been buying the guns over the Internet.

And: On Tuesday 03/03/09, at approximately 12:00, members of the NYPD’s Firearms Suppression Division executed a search warrant

At least the name is honest.

Charged with criminal possession of a weapon. In NY, who knows what that means.

8 Responses to “Buying guns over the internet, without an FFL, is illegal”

  1. Tam Says:

    In NY, who knows what that means.

    He had a gun within 50 miles of a school, church, or post office and wasn’t actually using it to break clay pigeons at the time.

  2. Phenicks Says:

    Might be C&R. Pic looks like collector/ old guns esp. the pepper box and Over/under pistol behind it.

  3. Phenicks Says:

    BTW, you need permits for black powder guns in New York?
    (rifle barrel w/ tamper, bottom left)

  4. Dr_Mike Says:

    As someone who currently lives on Long Island, here’s NY laws:

    State law is, the AWB never went away. Handgun ownership is only with a handgun permit. Concealed carry permits are easy to get, just be a celebrity. I do not have a handgun permit, I recall reading a few years back that they were easy in one half of the town I live in, hard in the other because different people issued them. I forget which half was which.

    But this was on Staten Island, so it’s NYC. Laws are much stricter there. I’m not sure how much stricter, but having a handgun without a permit is a no no in the state, and those permits are (I believe) hard to get in NYC. He could be charged with buying handguns without a permit to own.

    Just a guess, as the article does not mention any crime.

  5. HTownTejas Says:

    Apparently Bloomberg created the Firearms Suppression Division in 2006 to elevate gun ownership… er.. crime to the levels of Narcotics and Major Automotive Crime.

  6. emdfl Says:

    I’d surely like to know under what basis the warrant was obtained.

  7. Joe Says:

    10 to 1, he’s having “relationship issues” with a “significant other”!

  8. Ritchie Says:

    Where can I get one of these internet gunprinters? Does Algore know about this?

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