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Beat the rush – oh, wait – too late

Michael Bane on the proposed AWB:

I’m going to say this again…if you ever plan on owning a semiautomatic rifle buy it now~

And, you know, prices around here just started coming back down.

6 Responses to “Beat the rush – oh, wait – too late”

  1. Chas Says:

    Holder wants to strip Americans of Constitutionally-protected rights for the benefit of Mexico? That is treason. Theyíve been selling us out to other countries for so long that itís habitual with them, but this goes too far. Itís one thing to send our money overseas, but when they want to take away our rights that goes too far. Mexico needs to find its own toilet paper and not use our Constitution to solve its problem.

  2. aaronr Says:

    Here here! Treason is something we need to start trying for again. Half the dems in congress and 90% of the new media would be found guilty. Too bad for the ammo shortages, those shooting squad rifles are getting dusty.

  3. Dock Says:

    Unc, that was my thought EXACTLY (regarding prices.)

    Ammo prices were headed back down and then Pwnbama won. Zap, ammo back up and far less available.

    ARs and accessories for same were JUST starting to creep back down in the last few days then we got HOLDERED!

    Maybe the Pelosi stare (like Medusa’s, but more chilling) will keep things in check. Fancy that, I’m hoping for Pelosi to succeed? It’s a crazy world anymore.

  4. Les Jones Says:

    “And, you know, prices around here just started coming back down.”


  5. Citizen Grim Says:

    It’s almost like Holder is a secret employee of Bushmaster or Rock River Arms or some such.

  6. Xrlq Says:

    Chas and Aaronr, you keep using that word “treason.” I do not think it means what you think it means.