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Democrats and Guns


U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, a board member of the National Rifle Association, announced Wednesday he will serve as co-chairman of a new task force on gun rights.

“I am afraid we could witness a significant tilt to the left on gun issues in the current climate in Washington and that has me greatly concerned, the Oklahoma Democrat said.

“I believe members of the Second Amendment Task Force will serve a critical role in preventing overreaching by those who would seek to enact anti-gun policies.

Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia will be the group’s Republican co-chairman.

Boren said the task force will be charged with monitoring legislation regarding the Second Amendment during the 111th Congress.

Meanwhile, Sebastian is counting up Democrat votes for an AWB. He doubts it could pass the senate. Feingold is a pretty safe no:

(I) voted against the extension of the assault weapons ban because the 10-year trial period showed the law to be arbitrary and only symbolic.

7 Responses to “Democrats and Guns”

  1. mike w. Says:

    The pro-gun movement has made quite a bit of headway since 1994, and new media has made it much easier to counter blatant lies in the MSM.

    I don’t think an AWB would pass now. Unfortunately the idiots representing my state are hardcore anti’s and will vote for a new AWB regardless of the facts.

  2. Madrocketscientist Says:

    It’s part of the reason I always voted for Russ when I lived in WI. I may not agree with him on a great many things, but he is honest to a fault, and he understands that feel good laws are not necessarily good laws.

  3. ajacksonian Says:

    And what a mish-mash of features the AWB had… still, if I can find it with all the nicities at a good price… but must come with bayonet! Yes, sir, people are always so threatened by that and so many school children have been bayoneted to death… no? Such a threat to the populace.

  4. Robert Says:

    Barry boy, Holder and the rest of the tools will use Terror as a pretext along with any incident involving firearms to push the AWB claiming it’s for security of our Country.

    I will not put anything past these Marxist tools, even slipping gun bans into any bills being voted on in the dead of night. I really think they want to push the limit and cause another Civil War thinking they will win.

    I fear for the future of my Country today like never before in my life and I’m 50 and a disabled veteran, but I will never surrender and give up my Rights!!!

    God help us all!


  5. Lyle Says:

    Republicans; Here’s how you play this game. You single out a weak or vulnerable anti-gun Representative, or better yet a Senator and you target that person for destruction. Pull no punches and take no prisoners. There are no rules of basic decency here. The only objective is to destroy this person. Then it’s on to the next one. Repeat as necessary.

    That’s how this game has been played for years, and it’s time you realize that. You have the tools and you have the resources.

  6. JJR Says:

    Clinton could use the OKC bombing to push the AWB, but after 9/11, and after watching 7/7, the Madrid bombings, after the Mumbai massacre, the American people are in no mood to be told civilian disarmament is the answer to reducing terrorism; it just won’t wash.

    Law enforcement and regular people are beginning to make the connection between “gun free zones” and mass shootings, only the MSM is behind the curve on that.

    We pro-2A people have to remain vigilant, and keep on the offensive in the courts, and in our state legislatures, expanding CCW, pushing OC where it doesn’t exist, defending & responsibly practicing OC where it does, etc.

  7. Firehand Says:

    Personally, don’t know as I’d trust Boren; he seems to want to stay in that office, or maybe move into the Senate like his father later on. He’s shown himself willing to support crap that’ll make Pelosi & Co. happy despite the voters back home saying ‘no’, and I think he’ll keep doing it. It’s the same problem with a lot of other districts; an awful lot of people will overlook his doing things they don’t like because
    He’s a Democrat,
    His father was a senator for a long damn time.

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