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Looks like a known tax cheat will be heading up the treasury. Wow. “Tacit permission for everyone to cheat on taxes.”

6 Responses to “Amazing”

  1. _Jon Says:

    Plus, a known tax cheat heads the Ways and Means Committee.

    No surprise for D.C.

    We get the government we deserve…

  2. bwm Says:

    I don’t feel so badly about not paying taxes anymore. When do I get a cushy gov’t job?

  3. _Jon Says:

    Government jobs aren’t “cushy” – it sucks working with other government employees who are unmotivated.

  4. N.U.G.U.N. Says:

    If I wind up owing any taxes this year. It is going to be damn hard for me not to simply send a letter that says…

    Dear Government,

    We took a vote on it, and have decided to give ourselves a bailout. We figured you’ve given all the sleazeball corporations trillions in $$$. That we’d give ourselves a meager thousand or two.

    Now, you may be objecting, saying that it is the government’s right and duty to tax the public. Might I point you to the numerous court decisions that have stated that the police have a duty to protect the public at large and have no responsibility to protect an individual. Likewise, we decided that you have the right and duty to tax the public at large but no such right or duty to tax an individual.

    Your appointment of Geithner as head of the Treasury has proven this point.

    Pissed off citizen

  5. Billy Beck Says:

    “I don’t feel so badly about not paying taxes anymore.”

    I have never once been anything but proud of not paying taxes or even filing a form once in thirty-two years. When I found the work that I wanted to do — the moment from which I date my adulthood — I swore that I would never lay a penny of what I produced by my love and effort at the feet of this goddamned fraud of a government.

    It is the proudest thing in my life that I never have.

  6. BWM Says:

    @Billy Beck

    I’m with you, actually. My statement about not feeling so bad now was tongue in cheek. Not paying taxes was a conscious decision – admittedly with risks – and I have always felt like it was the correct decision.

    Starve the beast, etc. Maybe it will become vogue now that “our guy” isn’t in office anymore.

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