New trend in tactical rifles?

Or, man, I like some Evil Black 22LR Rifles!

Tactical 22LR rifles that look like other tactical rifles have been around for a bit. Some folks have made to resemble AR-15s, such as Spike’s Tactical various 22LR products – notably this very sexy ST-15, a short barreled rifle. There is also the Evolution Stock from RB Precision to give your 10/22 an Evil Black Rifle look and ProMag introduced the Archangel, which is also a way to dress up your 10/22.

One of the trends this year, highlighted at shot show, is the increase in tactical 22LR rifles that based on AR-15s. And other platforms as well. Such as:

S&W M&P15-22. A picture here. A snazzy, M4 looking 22LR.

Also, the Colt/Umarex M4 22 was introduced at shot.

And even Sig Sauer is marketing a 22LR version of their 556 called the Sig522LR.

A good idea for getting some trigger time in without the cost of 223 ammo. Good stuff.

Update: and how can I forget the GSG5.

4 Responses to “New trend in tactical rifles?”

  1. Mikee says:

    When it all about style rather than substance, go with black plastic and black anodized aluminum. When you want something that will do the same thing but cost 1/3 the price, go with a beech stock on the 10/22 and use the difference in price to buy a better trigger and a better barrel. Just sayin’ is all….

  2. Kristopher says:

    Dear ghod … is Gunkid running the firearms industry?

  3. DaveP. says:

    Walter Mitty buys a lot of guns, always has and always will.

    However, in partial defense…

    Say you were handling the procurement budget for a midsize municipality’s SWAT team. Which would you rather pay for: .22LR or .223?
    Especially consider that with the .22LR you can shoot a LOT more at a time.

  4. DaveP. says:

    Just to make usre I am not misunderstood:

    YES, I’m talking aobut training budget…