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Potential Terrorists

The WaPo:

The Maryland State Police surveillance of advocacy groups was far more extensive than previously acknowledged, with records showing that troopers monitored — and labeled as terrorists — activists devoted to such wide-ranging causes as promoting human rights and establishing bike lanes.

Also, reminds me of this.

2 Responses to “Potential Terrorists”

  1. Mikee Says:

    I have long regretted the years I lived in Baltimore, Maryland, when I could and should have been living somewhere that made more sense. At least it wasn’t Chicago or Boston. The weird thing was, when I lived there everyone around me seemed to accept the screwed-up conditions as normal, and nobody felt a need to change them. Maryland is a deep well of despair and failure that will continue to sink lower. I see no end to its future failures.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Logically, if you’re breathing, you’re a potential terrorist.

    I would therefore recommend spying on all breathers. You can’t be too careful. Oh, unless they’re young Muslim males of Middle Eastern origin who hate the United States and have repeatedly threatened violence. In that case it would be profiling, so leave them alone.

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