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Because you need it

A custom Desert Eagle for the Wii.

2 Responses to “Because you need it”

  1. Chas Says:

    Ya gotta love it when the Marxist police state these lefties helped create turns around and spies on them. What did they think it would do? Commies aren’t very good at thinking independently of their ideology. They are good at blind obedience, which predictably leads to their being blindsided.
    “Did you say that your own Marxist police state was spying on you? Oh, how awful! That’s so unfair! And you did so much to create it too!”

  2. ZerCool Says:

    Hm, an Airsoft or similar DEagle, with a straw and a piece of coathanger wire glued to the side … yeah, that’s worth $20! *eyeroll*

    “watch me shoot with my double glock…”

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