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Handy Tip

If you rob a place using an airsoft pistol, guys with real guns may be a problem.

3 Responses to “Handy Tip”

  1. Ahab Says:

    The last part of the article blows my mind:

    Metro police had charged Sullivan with 146 offenses since June 1989. His last arrest was for trespassing Nov. 20.

    I mean, I’m glad that he’s not going to be a problem any longer, but how is a guy who’s been charged with 146 crimes since the time I was 5 still on the streets?

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    How about you try to rob a car wash with a fake gun, and the operator of the car wash zaps you with a PRESSURE WASHER!

    Video here:

  3. Tom Says:

    Yeah, I was going to mention that too Ahab. WTF! It seems to be a real problem to keep criminals in jail. Maybe Europe and the bleeding heart socialists over there would be happy to take some of these gross(+) offenders off our hands so we don’t discriminate against them.

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