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Another handy tip: honor warranties

Particularly when the product was sold to a guy with his own TV show.

Apparently, Cannon Safes doesn’t grasp what is meant by lifetime warranty.

2 Responses to “Another handy tip: honor warranties”

  1. N.U.G.U.N. Says:

    Yes, at least when I talked to Sturdy Safes, they were very up front that if I went with an electronic lock. The lock was only guaranteed for one year. And that they only gave a lifetime warranty to the standard locks.

    Essentially, what I got from the guy is that he didn’t really like electronic locks all that much. Said they had a much higher failure rate.

    I’ve been of the opinion that there is not much innovation in safes. I want a biometric safe, that has a dynamo handle so that if the batteries are dead, a couple quick spins and there is power enough to recognize my prints.

  2. KCSteve Says:

    Supid Firewall of Idiocy at work will let me read, but not comment on the entry.

    Ah well, someone who can comment might pass along a recommendation to check out ZanottiArmor

    The key thing on their safes is that they come to you in sections. While the total weight of the safe is (as usual) quite high no single box is too big for one or two guys to move (the door is the heaviest piece at less than 200 lbs). You can fit one through a doorway without problems as well. You set the floor in place and start assembling from there. All connections are safely inside the safe so once it’s assembled you’re not getting it apart unless you can get it open.

    They do lose a bit on fire survival though – they’re only rated for 20 mins @ 1200 degrees.