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NRA strapped for cash?

Hardly. But that doesn’t prevent the left from imagining it to be the case. After all, the NRA spent a ton of money on the election. The folks on the left tend not to realize that they can spend it because they have it. PGP notes the waning of NRA’s influence is exaggerated. Sebastian notes that, as with most things gun-related, the antis really don’t know what they’re talking about.

One Response to “NRA strapped for cash?”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    The real message there, if they would have cared to look, is that NRA-PVF had 15 million dollars to spend. PVF isn’t raising money in large chunks. It comes in by the 25 dollar donation. Even for PVFs big donors, look at their professions. You’ll see people who work for living, rather than your typical lawyers, business people, etc. How many 25 dollar donations does it take to raise 15 million dollars? But they did it. How many other issue PACs can claim the same?