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“The heroes who keep us safe at home”

ABC is going to do a show on Homeland Security Theater. Look at all the big important things they do in the advertisement. I wonder how much time will be devoted to strip searching old ladies, taking bottles of mouthwash, stealing laptops to sell on ebay, and getting rid of the scourge of toenail clippers?

6 Responses to ““The heroes who keep us safe at home””

  1. Vote For David Says:

    Oh come ON now you’re not serious! Those toenail clippers are frikken DANGEROUS!!!1! Have you ever SEEN the size of fingernail files they have? And those blades, you KNOW how sharp they are!

    Sorry, coffee didn’t kick in yet.

  2. deadcenter Says:

    I’m waiting for Bob Saget’s “America’s Funniest Botched SWAT Raid Videos”. Should be a winner ratings wise.


  3. bwm Says:

    That trailer actually made me feel ill. What a fucking joke.

  4. JJR Says:

    …or competition shooters being harassed at the airport by TSA and wrongfully arrested and detained by NYPD?

    Or BATFE follies?

    Somehow I don’t think any of that footage will be aired.

    I think the trailer I saw last night on the widescreen at Pizza Inn was a little different from this one; The one I saw showed a lot more US Border Patrol footage. Then again, I’m in Texas, so I guess they’re “targeting” our “market” here.
    (selling eyeballs to advertisers).

    I agree with bwm; definitely made me lose my appetite, if not dinner.

  5. Huck Says:

    Ok, so these are the “heroes” (buhahahaha) who “protect us from the dangers outside of our borders”. So who’s going to protect us from them?

  6. MarkHB Says:

    In my abortive attempt to repatriate last year, TSA took it upon themselves to destroy both half-terabyte drives containing my last 15 years of animation work. One drive, alloy cased, looked to have been jumped on. The plastic-cased drive had had the cables *reconnected* then wrenched at a sixty-degree angle, destroying the power and data connections and wrecking the internal PCB.

    Yay safety. Keeping America safe from hard-working animators. Yes, I’m back in the UK. And you bet I’m bitter about it.

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