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linky and the thinky

Kevin and Robb point out their surprise that I wrote a post longer than two lines. Ya know, I used to write longer posts. But once I started writing shorter aggregating type posts, traffic shot up. I think my readers have short attention span. Less is more, and all that. And if you think ab . . . . look, a monkey.

2 Responses to “linky and the thinky”

  1. Paul Simer Says:

    This post was too long. I did not finish it but instead am moving on to view pictures of cats with humorous captions.

  2. Gun Blobber Says:

    I like your long posts, but I also like that your blog can be my daily “only gun blog” and know that it is likely that anything important will be linked here. When I am bored or have a lot of time on my hands, I will go around and read other blogs, but for my starting-the-day basic coverage, I rely on you, Uncle.

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