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HS Precision Update

Remington issues a statement regarding HS Precision’s questionable judgment. And here’s an email from their CEO at arfcom.

This is the second time that Remington responded to calls for action. You’ll recall they dropped Zumbo after he called AR-15s terrorist rifles and we gunnies took offense at that. And they have once again responded positively to their customer base. So, listen up: go buy Remington stuff. For me, I’ll be buying their ammo. I’ve used their Golden Sabers for a while now. This voting with our dollars stuff needs to work both ways.

2 Responses to “HS Precision Update”

  1. Larry O Says:

    Funny, Remington was also involved in that contract…I guess they are just PO they didn’t win. Would they have done the same???

  2. edward lewis Says:

    SIIIICCCKKKEEENING!!!!!!!!! Having not heard much ref Mr. Hoochie-Coochie since ’93, I was inclined to give him ( it ) the benefit of the doubt & assume he simply took his retirement pckg from the feds & went on his way. If all this is true, then he (it ) has thoroughly succeeded in giving credence to our gov’ts actions under the FDR administrstion of racially isolating all Americans who fall into some? PROFILE!!! EL

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