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What Media Bias Against Guns?

This anti-NRA piece appeared in the Great Falls Tribune. It notes the typical anti-NRA talking points that we’re used to and know to be incorrect. As such, NRA’s Chris Cox wrote a letter to address the concerns (the letter appears below). But this isn’t really a post about the letter. Rather, it’s a post about how the paper’s personnel responded to the letter and, apparently, refused to run it.

The NRA person told me that the woman in the letters department was unhelpful, uninterested and she was unwilling to go so far as to say whether they would even try to get our response published. Additionally, she wouldn’t give her last name or email address. Nor would she give the name of the editor to direct the submission too.

They want no part of the other side of the story. The letter:

We appreciated Rep. Pat Williams ‘ consistent voting record against gun control legislation while he was in Congress. But, we are perplexed by his recent rant against the NRA that is liberal with creative writing and miserly with fact. ( ” NRA ‘ s political agenda goes well beyond gun rights, ” Nov. 13)

Rep. Williams ‘ first factual error is in claiming the NRA neglects hunters ‘ needs. The NRA stands second to no one in supporting hunters ‘ rights; in fact, just in the past year, we ‘ ve lobbied actively for meaningful right to hunt and fish constitutional amendments in several states, along with no-net-loss of hunting lands and Open Fields programs encouraging private landowners to open their land to hunters.

But, there are more mistakes. Williams denies that any congressional legislation has ever been introduced to confiscate guns. Yet, Rep. Williams ‘ former colleagues, Reps. Major Owens and Sidney Yates, repeatedly introduced bills to ban possession of handguns outside of government-licensed clubs. Williams also misstates Sen. John McCain ‘ s positions on issues. Sen. McCain, like Rep. Williams, repeatedly voted against a ban on semi-automatic firearms.

Rep. Williams also says Barack Obama ‘ s votes have ” somewhat favored gun control. ” That is a gross understatement. Sen. Obama has voted against gun owners ‘ rights his entire career, both at the state and federal level, including a vote for an Illinois bill that would have made possession of most single- and double-barreled shotguns (everything bigger than a .410) a felony.

Also, contrary to his claims, NRA works with lawmakers in both parties. In fact, the NRA Political Victory Fund endorsed two prominent Montana Democrats for reelection this year: Brian Schweitzer for Governor and Max Baucus for U.S. Senate, just as we endorsed Democrat Pat Williams two decades ago. The proof of our effectiveness on that front is the number of Democrats recently elected to Congress on pro-gun platforms. As the leading voice for America’s 80 million gun owners, the NRA has and will continue to work with Democrats and Republicans to protect gun ownership for hunting, self-defense, competition, and every other lawful purpose.

Chris W. Cox, executive director
NRA-Institute for Legilsative Action

3 Responses to “What Media Bias Against Guns?”

  1. drstrangegun Says:

    Whenever a paper does this, they need a kick in the pants. How to do so? NRA sends a cheap flyer mailer out stating pretty much exactly above, to a good approximation of all the folks who would read the papers.

    Enough egging on about bias and maybe Joe Everyday will catch on and stop buying the paper.

  2. Ride Fast Says:

    […] Media bias or censorship? […]

  3. ka Says:

    If it wasn`t for blogs, I wouldn`t even know what was in newspapers.

    “No truth in the news and no news in the truth.”

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