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Follow up

Your favorite gun sucks. Updated.

6 Responses to “Follow up”

  1. Number9 Says:

    Even the 1911? Is nothing sacred?

  2. Chas Says:

    “AK-47: Crude and inaccurate bullet thrower designed by and for illiterate peasants.”

    On the other hand, it goes bang every time. Reliability is more important than accuracy in combat. Even Stoner conceded the superiority of the AK.

    “Chambered in a caliber that manages to cut the ballistics of a proper .30-caliber battle rifle in half without passing on any weight savings to the grunt.”

    Well, the full power .30 is overpowered. Get it in 5.56mm. Weighs a lot less than the M14 and it’s compact too. Think SAR-3. M4 ballistics with AK reliability.

    “Ergonomics only suitable for Russian midgets. Archaic cable trigger spring, crummy sights, no sight radius to speak of, no bolt hold-open device, and a clumsy safety.”

    Yup. There’s room for improvement, though I do like the short commie stock. The short stock works regardless, but the longer stock is dysfunctional when thick clothing is worn. It’s short for that reason.

    “Favorite infantry rifle of Middle Eastern goat herders, guys named Abdullah, and backwoods militia types who like the fact that it shoots cheap ammo and has ballistics like their familiar .30-30.”

    Yeah, it’s popular with people whose lives depend on their weapons, or anticipate that their lives might depend on their weapons. Abdullah knows what works; he’s had a lot of experience. Again, 5.56mm is the way to go.

  3. Les Jones Says:

    The fact that he didn’t say anything bad about Jennings pistols or RG revolvers proves they’re the best guns EVAH.

  4. Kevin S. Says:

    His article was entertaining right up until he started bashing the Lee Enfield. Now thats just plain mean…

  5. SayUncle Says:

    well, they do call them ‘sacred cows’ for a reason 😉

  6. Tam Says:

    On the other hand… blablabla.


    Did somebody get theiw favowite gun made fun of? 😉 :p

    Strive to become a student of the school of the gun of no gun. Remember that the most important word in “gunfight” is not “gun”, but “fight”.


    Now go walk the earf.

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