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On the debate

People say Hey Uncle! Why not comment on the debate.

And I say Well, the only real observation I had was that these guys had like all these various proposals to save the world. And, like, none of them seemed to be things that fell under the President’s jurisdiction since he doesn’t, you know, make laws. I mean, if these guys were senators they could propose these laws and . . . what? . . . oh.

2 Responses to “On the debate”

  1. Paul Boughton Says:

    They did seem to have a lack of grasp about what a president is. McCain came off like a hunter who doesn’t know what to shoot first when surrounded by a herd and the Big O looked to be bored to tears.

    Still. McCain has my vote, but it will be a rocky 4 years till we can get a real executive. Palin Jindal in 2012.

  2. straightarrow Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t find anything that either of them promised to do that was within the power of the presidency. Both these tools need to be put in the shed to never be taken out again.

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