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NRA on Palin

Chris Cox seems happy!

7 Responses to “NRA on Palin”

  1. Big Dale Says:

    I was going to vote against Obama, but now I will be certain to vote for McCain-Palin. She has electrified us consertatives like another past presided did….. I wonder if SHE could be the FEMALE version of Ronald Regan….. ? Something to think about.

  2. Huck Says:

    I was gonna vote against Comrade Obama too but now there’s acually a reason to vote FOR someone.

  3. Tom Says:

    I’m in the tank for Palin. I was on board in June. But from what I’ve seen of the innerw3bz pictures…she needs some training on trigger discipline….freaks me out

  4. Ron W Says:

    Palin has been described as a former “Buchananite”…by Buchanan himself on MSNBC on Friday. In his 96 Republican Primary campaign, Buchanan was supported by Larry Pratt of Gunowners of America….one of the most pro-2nd Amendment organizations. Alaska is a free carry state too…hopefully Palin is an informed hard-line supporter of the 2nd Amendment…and ALL of the Bill of Rights.

    Buchanan was also aggressively opposed by the Republican establishment for opposing open borders (supported by Bush and McCain) and his opposition to handing over American sovreignity to international tribunals like NAFTA. It would stun me if McCain knowingly nominated someone with those views….but I would be very much more inclined to support that ticket IF that’s the case. The Republicans claim to be a “big tent” but so far Constitutionalists and those opposing internationlist policies have been excluded. Let’s see if that’s changed!

  5. Magus Says:

    Via Volokh

    Palin and Pat Buchanan:

    The left blogosphere, and Jewish Democrats, are promoting the idea that Palin supported Pat Buchanan for President in 2000. Their sole evidence is that Lexis reveals that when Buchanan came to visit her small town in late 1999, she was seen wearing a Buchanan button. When I first read this, it sounded to me more likely that it meant “civic booster mayor of nothing town will wear the campaign button of anyone who is willing to waste their time coming to said nothing town, while that person is speaking in town.” And indeed, Lexis also reveals–as I’m sure was readily apparent to the blogger who started the Buchanan meme–that Palin was on Steve Forbes’s Alaska leadership committee, and was announced as such only about three weeks after the button incident was reported. [timeline and Palin’s position corrected.] How about some basic decency, people?

    UPDATE: I guess wearing a Buchanan button, once, when he visited Palin’s town is supposed to tell us a lot about Palin’s character, and perhaps her feelings about Israel and Jews, but Obama’s 20-year intimate history with Rev. Jeremiah Wright is supposed to tell us nothing about Obama. [See Florida Rep. Robert Wexler: “John McCain’s decision to select a vice presidential running mate that [sic] endorsed [sic] Pat Buchanan for president in 2000 is a direct affront to all Jewish Americans.]

    FURTHER UPDATE: It gets better. Wexler, in February: “It is unfair to attribute Pastor Wright’s views to Barack Obama.” And Ben Smith reports that Palin wrote a letter to the editor when the button story appeared, making it clear that she wasn’t endorsing Buchanan, but just welcoming him to town, like any other candidate.

    ONE MORE UPDATE: Pat Buchanan apparently (and self-servingly) claims that Palin and her husband strongly supported him in 1996, and that he met them at a fundraiser. Putting aside the unlikelihood that Buchanan would have such a vivid memory of meeting the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, federal campaign records, accessible online, show that Palin never cut a check to Buchanan (or for that matter, any other politician before 2004), at least not one big enough to be reportable. And it’s hard to believe Buchanan would specifically remember a supporter in Alaska who gav e him fifty bucks. Color me skeptical. UPDATE WITHIN AN UPDATE: Ben Smith reports: “I also spoke to Bay Buchanan, Pat’s sister, this morning. She also said her only knowledge of Palin’s contact with Buchanan was at the event in the ’90s, which she described as a fundraiser for Alaska Republican Jerry Ward.”

  6. Ron W Says:


    Thanks for the info. Whatever her status as an alleged “Buchananite”, ol’ Pat was effusive in his enthsiastic praise for her selection as VP nominee, last Friday…particularly her record as ” a rebel reformer”.

    Palin is a life-member of the NRA and she’s a hunter. Having been a member, the NRA is somewhat diverse. Hunters aren’t necessarily informed supporters of the 2nd Amendment or the rest of the Bill of Rights except for their licensed activities which is the way anti-gun politicians like to frame their “support for the 2nd Amendment”. I’ll be anxious to hear her 2nd Amendment (and other views). A true 2nd Amendment supporter would oppose any things like the AWB and support rolling back most Federal anti-gun legislation and apply it only to “that part of militia…called into the service of…and employed by the United States” (Article I, Section 8.15-16, U.S. Constitution)

    Magus wrote “….she wasn’t endorsing Buchanan, but just welcoming him to town, like any other candidate.”

    That is probably the correct assessment, since there’s a video clip of her welcoming the Alaskan Independence Party as Gov and stating that “competition is good especially in politics” which is refreshing in these days of the two-party system trying to control everything:

  7. Magus Says:

    Credit where credit is due — all of the info I posted was written by David Bernstein at The Volokh Conspiracy — link was provided.

    Palin and Pat Buchanan:

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