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More anti-gun shilling from the CSM

The Christian Science Monitor has a long tradition of being anti-gun and un-christian and un-science. After all, making stuff up isn’t very christian or very sciency. But I digress.

The latest is this tripe (careful with that link, it may hijack your browser) from their blog: Obama’s views on gun control align with battleground areas’

The trick, of course, is that you have to completely ignore everything Barack You’re Soaking In It Obama has ever said about or voted on with respect to guns and focus your sights on one little statement he made that one time after a landmark court decision basically said banning handguns (a position Obama has supported by writing it out in his own handwriting) was unconstitutional. And you have to forget that Obama did not sign the senate brief to the supreme court in the Heller case that supported an individual right to arms. In other words, that one time at band camp, he said that one thing.

Obama shill Dante Chinni then proceeds to use 2004 data to show Americans largely support gun control even though the gun controls Americans support in the study are not the kinds of gun controls Obama has supported. So, why does Chinni use 2004 data? Oh, I think I know why that is.

One Response to “More anti-gun shilling from the CSM”

  1. Oldsmoblogger Says:

    He said it to John Lott out of his own pie hole, too.