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Para Goodies

Robb reminds me that the Para TAC-S is also what I’ll be shooting at the Para/Todd Jarrett training. Some folks are shooting the 9mm. Because they are girls. Not that I’m naming names. But one of those names may involve 200 pounds of sausage.

3 Responses to “Para Goodies”

  1. Tam Says:

    Those smart enough to pick the nine won’t have to suffer the snark of using an LDA trigger.

    Plus, I wanted to see if Para could make a 9mm 1911 that fricking runs. 😉

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Well, you’re also a girl. 😉

    I was actually going to go 9mm just because of the trigger.

  3. Tam Says:

    That’s “Just A Girl” to you, Mr. Smartypants. :p