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Transfers to Cali

May soon be a thing of the past:

Just got some charming mail in today. I quote” Beginning July 1, 2008 California Penal Code prohibits all FFL’s from shipping firearms to an FFL in California, unless prior to delivery, the FFL delivering obtains a verification approval number from the CA DOJ.”

Oh and by the way, you have to get a permit from CA before they will even deal with you.

4 Responses to “Transfers to Cali”

  1. Vote For David Says:

    Let’s see…

    Hate businesses / excessive taxation? Check.
    Hate homeschools / excessive hassles? Check.
    Hate drivers / NO road construction? Check.
    Hate modern life / NO electric plant construction? Check.
    Hate gun owners / ban some guns? Check.

    Now you can’t ship a legal product to the state…

    If it weren’t for the seaports, I’m guessing there’s no half-way conservative person who has any use for California anymore. I know I left as soon as I could.

    If California were to break off, I’m thinking it would be better for it to separate instead of fall into the sea. Then all the folks with weak character, smelly hippies and rabid leftists could stay, and Nevada could be a useful seaport territory. Doh.

  2. HardCorps Says:

    But but the forum warriors said they would fight when the gov’t took their guns…

    Seems kinda hard to reload an AR by removing the upper receiver, and then you only got 5 rounds right?

  3. Kirk Says:

    Me wonders how this will work with the interstate commerce laws…


  4. Tim Says:

    It’s a stupid thing, but not a big thing. Before an FFL can ship to a CA FFL, the out-of-CA FFL must log on to the Bureau of Firearms website, enter the name of the CA FFL and print out the letter proving the recipient is a listed FFL. If the CA FFL is not in the (state) database, a “do not ship” message is shown on the screen.

    The CA FFL is already required to be in the database, so it is extra paperwork for the shipper. I wonder if it could suffice to replace a copy of the recipient’s FFL on paper to be mailed or faxed to the shipping FFL.